Comparing plan options shouldn't be confusing



It's important to compare the plan differences to determine which one will result in the lowest out of pocket costs for you.

Route #1 Original Medicare

Part B Standard Premium    $144.60

This covers 80% of Medicare Approved Procedures

A Medicare Supplement can cover up to the 20% Medicare doesn't cover. These plans are standardized by the plan letter, meaning every plan with the same plan letter is required by Medicare to cover the exact same thing.

This is why we are a brokerage that represents every major insurer to make sure you are not overpaying.

You pay a Medicare Supplement Premium in addition to Part B Premium.

You will want a stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan as well

Route #2 Medicare Advantage

Part B Standard Premium    $144.60

With a Medicare Advantage Plan, a private insurance company administers your Part A & Part B which are required to cover equal to or greater benefits to Original Medicare.

A Medicare Advantage plan is not as straight forward as a Medicare Supplement plan, as some plans may cover procedures Original Medicare doesn't cover. These "bundled" plans typically Include prescription drug coverage as well.

This is why it's important to understand the difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans.

You may pay a premium in addition to the Part B standard premium.

You Cannot have Medicare Advantage and a Supplement plan at the same time


vision, & hearing plans are also available

Life Insurance

Whether you're nearing retirement, or already enjoying your golden years, it is never too late to consider purchasing a senior life insurance policy, or expanding your existing coverage. A common misconception for adults over 50 is that life insurance for seniors can be either too expensive, or impossible to obtain. However, purchasing an affordable senior life insurance plan if you're over 50, over 60, or even later in life might be easier than you think. No matter your age, the most important thing is finding the best options for your financial situation and stage of life.


As a broker we check all available options to make sure you get the best value insurance available to you!

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Ryan Matteson, the Principal Broker of Senior Benefits Division has always had a heart for seniors as he spent a terrific amount of time with his grandma when she was still alive.

His mission is to help more families have a whole lot less stress.


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